Expo East Round Up

We are back from Expo East and Supply Side West! Thank you to all the members who were able to be present at the CSS member in-person meeting that was held in Baltimore on September 22. 


The meeting was highly attended. Updates were provided on this year's work; questions, discussion and ideas for next steps followed. Our collaboration these past 12 months with the Non-GMO Project has been wonderfully encouraging, culminating in a panel hosted by New Hope Media as a part of the Expo East education. The panel included CSS members Bethany Davis of FoodState and Sara Newmark of New Chapter, CSS consultant Sandy Kepler, and Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project. It was entitled "Supplements Going Non-GMO" and the panel outlined and discussed the white paper that CSS produced last year and the year-long collaboration between CSS and the NGP to resolve the issues that we outlined therein. 


This united position on appropriate Non-GMO standards relating to dietary supplements points to the successful dedication and persistence of CSS and lots of hard work by the Non-GMO Project as well. And it also points towards a productive 2017 as verification pathways are finalized. 


Looking ahead, we are waiting for a final word on whether or not supplements will be included in the scope of the recently-passed GMO labeling bill. Once we are able to confirm their inclusion or exclusion, we will bring that information back to the group. Stay tuned. 


Any CSS members who missed the meeting but would like a more detailed summary of this years progress are encouraged to contact Bethany Davis (bethany@foodstate.com) for more information.


Thank you all for your dedication to the cause!

The CSS Team

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