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Food transparency is one of the biggest mega-trends of this decade.* When it comes to genetically modified ingredients the pressure is on. 93% of consumers polled want their food to be labeled for the presence of genetically modified organisms.  Such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare.  

With an absence of a mandatory law for the labeling of GMOs, voluntary transparency around a product’s GMO status is paramount.  Third party certifications build trust with consumers and retailers and validate companies’ efforts around responsibly sourcing ingredients.  

Supplement companies are committed to GMO transparency and the efforts surrounding third party seals. The only established third party verification scheme for GMOs in the US is currently the Non-GMO Project. Many of our member companies have contributed substantial investments of time and money into Non-GMO Project Verification on behalf of our member companies to date. 

Unfortunately the Non-GMO Project is largely a food-focused standard and continues to focus on food. It was not created in consideration of common dietary supplement supply chain complexities. For instance, common dietary supplement ingredients like enzymes and probiotics are often (or always) unable to be verified. The Non-GMO Project does not currently represent a sustainable path to product verification for the dietary supplement industry. 

The Coalition for Supplement Sustainability companies recognize the need for a credible, third party standard and we wish to engage the industry to help din its development. Our mission is to ensure that a mechanism is available to the dietary supplement industry, by way of a third party program, for Non-GMO product verification.  It is our preference to engage the Non-GMO Project Board in discussions that would allow for a separate standard for dietary supplements, however we would like to invite a dialogue and collaboration with industry so we can explore ways to reach our goal. For any parties who would like to communicate with us to this end, we wish to invite a dialogue and an opportunity to collaborate.  

Please reach out to us at info@supplementsustainability.org.

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